Now is the time ! Invest in Fukuoka Real Estate !

Real estate investors in the know from Tokyo and abroad are beginning to discover Fukuoka.  Fukuoka City is the largest city on the island of Kyushu, Japan's southernmost major island.  Fukuoka City is a major city and is famous for its beauty, friendly people, delicious food, and pro baseball team, The Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks.

Fukuoka Airport is an international airport and is the most convenient in Japan.  It is in city limits and easily accessible by subway, car, and bus.  Fukuoka Prefecture (Japanese equivalent of a county, state or province) has two Shinkansen bullet train stations and two million people cities.  The shinkansen stops in Fukuoka City's Hakata Station and Kitakyushu City's Kokura Station.  Unlike Yamaguchi Prefecture where only slow shinkansens stop, every shinkansen type stops in both Kokura and Hakata.

Unlike Tokyo and Osaka where the investment market is saturated, Fukuoka real estate is just now poised to boom.  The real estate market in Fukuoka is extremely lucrative as the prices are a fraction of those in the Tokyo and Osaka regions.  Moreover, the rents are high enough and demand is great enough to generate very competitive ROI.  Landlords in Fukuoka frequently enjoy 10%, 15%, 20% and greater return on investments.  Of particular interest at the moment are the condominiums (condos) which can be bought and then rented out to tenants.  Some foreign investors we deal with are interested in parking lots.  Monthly parking lots offer good profits and maintenance is relatively painless.  Other investors look at buying entire apartment buildings or office buildings, as there are large profits to be gained with the right property.  Houses are also a good investment.  The rent for a home is much higher than what a mortgage payment would be, and with the increase in demand for housing where pets are permitted, houses are an excellent source of rental revenue.

Fukuoka has many industries and educational institutions where staff are transferred from other cities for several years.  These are excellent tenants and their organizations pay high housing allowances, making property owners happy all the way to the bank.

We've been helping people invest in Fukuoka real estate for three decades.  If you want to make real money in Japanese real estate, you should seriously consider putting some Fukuoka properties into your portfolio.

Fukuoka Real Estate Dot Com also offers property management services.  We can fill your properties with renters and handle the management for you.

Contrary to many BBS and postings on the Internet, foreigners can buy Japanese real estate.  Better yet, foreigners without a visa can buy Japanese real estate.  And, despite what you might hear, it is a relatively simple and straightforward process.  We've helped many ex-pats and non-Japanese with their real estate investments and needs.

Have a look around our site, but keep in mind, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are thousands of properties for sale in Fukuoka.  We can't list everything available, but if you let us know your needs, we will do everything in our power to hook you up with the right property.

The time is now.  And, we are here to help.  Welcome to Fukuoka Real Estate Dot Com.  We look forward to helping you succeed.