Condominiums, or condos if you will, are actually referred to as mansion ( manshon ) in Japan.  In most cases they are smaller than the "mansion" you are familiar with but there are some really luxurious executive condominiums on the market at the moment.  In fact, they are priced quite reasonably, and with the right marketing, would generate big monthly rents if rented out.

On the other hand, there are what were frequently called one - room - mansion ( wan ru-mu manshon ) in the 1990s.  Most Westerners would call these a studio.  These can be rented to exchange students and Japanese students alike quite readily.  Single people also tend to rent such condominiums.  They are easy to maintain and, in quantity, will generate a lot of rental income for their owners.  This is a niche of the Japanese real estate market foreign investors are just picking up on.  Easy money if done right!

Pet friendly condos are also quite lucrative.  It is the norm for people renting in Fukuoka to pay extra "key money" which could best be described as a "non-refundable deposit".  In addition to paying extra to the landlord for the privilege of renting a condo with their pet, they are frequently charged more monthly rent than those who do not have pets.  Our investors have had good success with these properties.  Pets are family, after all, and they like to live in  condominiums just as much as their owners do.

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