Fukuoka Prefecture is truly a wonderful place. It is a wonderful place to live and raise a family, and this is also a key factor in its becoming a real estate hotspot and enticing place in which to invest in Japanese real estate. Fukuoka has everything: Sound infrastructure, beautiful nature, million people cities, beaches, ports, highways, shinkansen bullet train stations, international airports, booming economy, industry, excellent educational facilities, competitive income, high rents, great ROI, high occupancy rates, tourism...the works. Check out the map of Fukuoka Prefecture. Look at Fukuoka City. Explore Kitakyushu City, Nakama, Fukutsu, Koga, Munakata, Kurumei and other areas. Google Street View is available in many parts of Fukuoka City. You can really get a feel for the area around properties you are considering investing in or purchasing.

Welcome to Fukuoka Precture!  Welcome to the future!  Welcome to great investment potential!

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