Contrary to popular belief, foreigners CAN buy Japanese real estate.  In fact, non-Japanese can buy real estate in Japan quite easily.  We've been through it with many people and are happy to help you realize your dream of either investing in the lucrative Fukuoka Japan real estate market or purchasing your own land and home for your residential use.

The process for buying an owner-change tenanted investment property is pretty simple and is outlined here:

1) Find a property you like. 

2) Make an official offer.  This indicates your agreement to buy the property within one month. 

3) Complete the special terms agreement and real estate purchase contract with your real estate agency. 

4) Make the down payment.  This is typically 10% of purchase price and required at contract signing.

5) At the closing you will pay for the remainder of the purchase price, taxes, commissions, fees.

6) Enjoy receiving rental income from your property.

That is the flow in a nutshell.  We will advise you in advance of what is required each step of the way, and help you get everything you need to buy your Fukuoka investment property.   

For more information on potential investment properties, please contact us.  Our details can be found on the contact page of this website.