Fukuoka Shi Chuo Ku (TENJIN AREA) Hakata Ku (Hakata Station) Minami Ku Sawara Ku Higashi Ku Nishi Ku and Jonan Ku listings updated

Fukuoka Real Estate Dot Com has updated all areas of with new tenanted "owner change" investment condominium listings:

  • Chuo Ku Fukuoka Shi (This is the popular Tenjin area of Fukuoka City)
  • Hakata Ku Fukuoka Shi (JR Hakata Station major station and business hub)
  • Minami Ku Fukuoka Shi
  • Sawara Ku Fukuoka Shi
  • Jonan Ku Fukuoka Shi
  • Nishi Ku Fukuoka Shi
  • Higashi Ku Fukuoka Shi
There are many listings with impressive ROI.  If you are looking for high yield Japanese rental properties to invest in, we are confident you will find something here.

Please contact us for more details and any real estate needs you have in the greater Fukuoka area.  We are here to help you make the best possible purchase or sale of Japanese real estate.

Other areas will be updated soon, so check back often.  And, keep in mind, these move rather quickly.  What you see today may be sold tomorrow.

At the moment the 1R , 1K, and 1DK properties seem to be offering the best returns for the owners.  Low property taxes coupled with high rents vis a vis the list prices of the condos makes these very appealing.  However, there are some larger units also currently available with very nice looking R.O.I.

The City of Fukuoka's real estate opportunities continue to exceed expectations !!!