Check our LISTINGS page! 28 new listings with Net Yield calculated! Fukuoka City area buy to let condos!

Check our LISTINGS page!  28 new listings with Net Yield calculated!  Fukuoka City area buy to let condos!

We've added 28 new listings of excellent investment opportunities in Fukuoka City (some are in Kurume City, Kitakyushu City).  These have all been calculated to reflect the NET YIELD.

Contact us to make an official offer or for more information on listings of interest.

Hakata, Akasaka, Hirao, Yakuin, Tenjin - area, all the hot spots for real estate in Fukuoka City are here!

Now is the time to buy an "owner change" tenanted condominium in Fukuoka and start enjoying the benefits of high rents and low real estate prices.  Fukuoka continues to outperform other areas of Japan and investors from Kanto (Tokyo - Yokohama) and Kansai (Osaka - Kyoto - Kobe) and informed foreign investors are jumping on the bandwagon.

Talk to you soon!

- Matt

PS   I also have some BIG apartment buildings for sale in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Japan.

PPS  If you are looking to buy residential buildings in Fukuoka, I can help.